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Food habits as your lifestyle

to live by


Eat as much you want, when you want. No diet, no struggle so you feel great all the time. You may lose some weight as your body will start healing within. You become healthier feeling better about yourself  as food become your lifestyle. You find food that makes you feel good and your energy will stay stable throughout the days. Food is big part of the way you are the way you feel and look. No matter you exercise or not.


We all are so individual when it comes to food that suits us. We all have different genes, different blood type and we all grew up with different food habits in a different part of the world. No one can really tell you what's the best for you. You need to discover it on your own, what choices you make and how you feel afterwards. Diary of drinks, food you eat is really helpful to discover more about the effects it has on you as you go on. Paying attention, effort is everything. At the end, it's you, who is making the progress and the change.

I would totally hung you knowing you are making effort.

I hope it is helpful for you to see a variety of food I eat. I had separated the food for you in the groups. What to eat during a day. Importantly you have to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Eating salads are for rabbits, containing lot of water that could make you feel full but not satisfied of hunger. One of the reasons most people fail in diet. You need energy, protein. Increasing level of protein will boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite significantly and make you eat fewer calories and decrease cravings. Protein is very important as it affects hormones that change feeding responses. you may not know but your weight is regulated by your brain.



Pulses are rich in fiber, high in protein, vitamins, minerals. low in fat,  easy to digest, no stress on your digestive system. It is very filling food and satisfying for your body. 1 cup of pulses is ½ of the fiber intake for a day

Beans - I would recommend to eat all kind of beans, Adzuki, Red kidney beans, Broad beans, Lima beans, Faba beans, mung beans. Moon beans,

Lentils - All the kind of lentils, Red lentils, Green lentils, french green lentils

Peas - Green  peas, yellow peas

Chickpeas also called garbanzo beans

Seeds are gluten free, rich in nutritions, protein to help you to build muscles. Ladies, seeds has an impact on growth of healthy hair and nails. Flax and chia seeds promote healthy gut movement without bloating.  Seeds neutralize acidity in your digestive truck and contain a magical components to maintain and melt away extra fat in your body. I would recommend to sprouting seeds before using.

Quinoa is technically an ancient seed not a grain. High in protein more than any other grain. Keeping a stomach out of hunger keeps the brain satisfy. Great way to promote loose some weight.. Eating quinoa on your craving day, great healthy choice.

Buckwheat is a fruit seed

Amaranth  is a seed

Teff is seed

Millet - grass ancient seed, gluten free,  great for indian ayurvedic millet bread

Wild rice -  canadian native aquatic  grass seed, natively known as rice lake which has been used for 1000 of years, high in protein, low in fat and calories


Flax seeds

Chia seeds

Poppy seeds

Sesame seeds

Pomegranate seeds - full of antioxidant

Watermelon seeds

Whole grains - I personally don't eat much carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are stored in our body like money in the bank. So if you go for long run. You need fuel to burn, meaning taking out carbohydrates of the bank. Your body will need to deposit back missing carbohydrates in  your body. I am not talking building muscles.

Whole oats / oatmeal

Brown rice

Polenta is basically ground cornmeal I personally will eat it carefully and occasionally.



Eggs I would classify eggs as a superfood, full of nutrients. Have you known,  that it takes only 21 days from a fertilized egg to hatch a chicken. Eating happy chicken eggs from pasture, biodynamic or organic chickens always add to your immune system as the chickens are healthier and eating bugs and grasshoppers. Having eggs with avocado or quinoa for breakfast is one of the best choices you can make as your daily routine.





Eating a wild smaller fish would be great choice to make. For several reasons. Wild fish has a strong immune system as it needs to survive in the nature. Have in mind all fish have some trace of mercury.  Fish that eats other fish and leave longer are higher in methylmercury. Methylmercury is dangerous to our nervous system, brain and it cause irreversible harmful damages. Farm fish is total no, why? For many reasons, watch the Documentary about farm fish on youtube “ Farm fish

Good sources of fat

MCT oil, Avocado, Olive oil, Nuts, Seeds, Ghee butter, Coconut oil




Cheese is a great source of protein, calcium, especially from a grass fed milk. Traditionally produced full fat cheese have usually better taste and help you to feel longer satisfied. It's good to read labels as cheese should only contain one ingredient and its milk. Raw

Zero or low fat cheese, yogurts are produced differently with higher amount of sugar and other ingredients to replace a full fat. These preservatives, additives may be harmful to your health and not adding any value to your cells. Your body know very well how to digest and process good fat but doesn't know at all how to deal or eliminate harsh chemicals, additives, preservatives, emulsions. When this harsh chemicals emulsifiers combined  together your body will store them in a fat cells. Thesis harc s are used in the food industry only for last 100 years. Think of it this way when your parent were young there were no zero or low fat food. Didn't exist. Full fat products, more protein, less sugar.

Buffalo mozzarella

Goat cheese - any

Sheep cheese - any

Parmesan is a great choice, usually it's made from unpasteurized raw milk,  it's hard to find a cheese made from unpasteurized milk.

Cottage cheese is high in protein, low in fat naturally, low in calorie . Great choice to make dressings, its very vesetail to be add to any meal. Most of the cottage cheese are low in sodium.

I love cheese especially when I exercise.

Ricotta is a great choice to any recipe.

Full fat yogurt -  contain probiotic properties, promotes healthy gut, i never use low fat products as they are loaded with sugar





Fermented food has many benefits to your health as it contains natural probiotics. Probiotics has a healing benefits of digestive tissues, it also destroyed harmful bacteria in your digestive truck.

Kefir , Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Tempeh, Pickles, Natto, Unsweetened Kombucha

Soy products - Soy is high in protein. Asians usually eat high amount of soy what we don't know it's mainly fermented. I guess there is something to live long. I do not mean drinking gallon of soy milk is healthy.

Tempeh, Miso, Natto, Tofu, Soy beans


Leafy greens Spinach kale, swiss chard, eat all the leafy greens  you love...

Vegetables - Cauliflower, broccoli,  Sweet potatoes, Cabbage,

Nutritional yeast have very strong nutty, cheese taste and great source of B vitamins, protein and minerals.

Apple cider vinegar





Unhealthy, raw sugar, honey, agave, coconut sugar, lot of fruits. Is fructose. Fructose is metabolized into glucose in your liver. Fruits are not just full of fructose its a real food with fiber and low calories. 2 pieces of fruit gives you enough sugar for your day.

I do not eat almost any sugar, no sweets, cakes or fruit juices, no sugary sodas or other products that contain agave, honey.... I understand It is very hard to keep all the sugary stuff away. What taste good is not good for you. However when you have an appetite for something sweet, eat it, have a portion. Enjoy it. Advice. Do not bring anything bad and sweet in the house that you really love. You will eat it till it's gone. I am the same.

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