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Healthy fats to eat to feel good



Are you  trying to lose weight, balance your body, feel confident with yourself ?


Good sources of fat will only add to you what you are trying to achieve.


Natural raw oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, fish oils are one of the best sources of fat for your body.  However it is important to use a variety of different sources of fat for it's nutritional value. I personally would recommend raw cold pressed unfiltered oils to drizzle over the food or nuts,  seeds in the raw state. It can be in a form of butter as one ingredient only, not baked or salty. I look at fat as my main source of energy. Fat also regulates a body temperature. Healthy fat helps the body to absorb minerals and vitamins.

Fat is one of the most important source for feeding your brain cells and a key to your health. Your nervous system could not function properly without it. You do not want to damage any of your brain, nervous system cells or decrease the amount of oxygen going to your brain.  Don't worry your body will naturally always protect the brain cells first. More importantly you should know, fatty acids are unable to be produced on their own in your body. Therefore it has to come from a food you eat even if you are overweight and trying to lose some weight.


I grew up on a farm, and it feels natural to me to eat everything in the most natural way as possible. Your cells in the body renew itself all the time. Therefore it is important to eat healthy fats in a moderation to provide the best outcome for your body.  It is so sad to see in the modern world, most of the diets are lacking of good fats. I am sure, you can easily recognize trans bad fats, in the food you eat as commercially processed food, commercially baked food, potatoes chips. Besides that, you gain weight with zero or little nutritional value.


This is what I said to my friend Anna . Anna was terrified of eating any fat.

Imagine you have oil paint and you try to mix it with a water paint. ……..What happens? …...It doesn't mix.

Now what  happens when you mix oil paint with another oil paint……... It mixes well. ….

The same thing happens in your body.  When you don't provide the body with a good fat. Your body will naturally lock and hold on anything to protect the main organs. You are giving your body a signal, there will be a strive of deficiency. Toxins and extra fat do not want to eliminate easily, and you are not providing the body with it's natural flow.


Soaking seeds and nuts

Raw  seeds  and nuts  can mess up your digestion.  Make you feel heavy, bloated and uncomfortable.  Eating raw nuts and seeds naturally dehydrate your body as it will go throughout digestive process soaking liquids within digestion. Some seeds like sesame seeds will not even break down from it's shell, therefore it will not release it's  nutrients and minerals as your digestion is way to fast. The shell is to hard to brake by the digestive system. Maybe you don't know this, but every plant in a nature has its own protective code to ensure its survival.

The best way is to soak nuts and seeds in the water for several hours or over night. When eating soaked nuts or seeds they become easier to digest and it is easier on your digestive system and its therefore easier to release it's nutrients and minerals.

I enjoy eating almonds wet. The rest of the bunch I rinse and drain from soaking water and refrigerate.

I totally understand, it is hard, living a fast hectic life and still keeping up with little effort will result in a positive change and become part of your lifestyle.

Just don't be to hard on yourself.  By little effort and little change, you will slowly make progress.

I eat everything, seeds, nuts in its raw state, sometimes soaked sometimes not.

Have that in mind nothing is perfect.

How much fat to eat ?

Oils, nuts & seeds, nut-butters  should be eaten in moderation every day,  no matter what you are doing.

Meaning 2-3 mid size avocados/day.  I usually eat 20-40% of good fat within my daily calorie intake

Good sources of fat are

Avocado, Olive oil, MCT- oil, Coconut, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamia, Peanut butter, Ghee butter

Fish oil -  make sure it's mercury free. My favorite brand is Eskimo-3 and Lion Heart

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